January         Hatsugama or Japanese New Year
                     Tea classes resume Sat. 10am

Feb 6             National Clock Museum, Columbia,   
                       Pa. 10am-3pm
                    Tea ceremony, flower arranging and    
                     Japanese games in honor of the           
                     New Year
Apr 24-25      Willow Valley, Lancaster
                    Two days of talks and ryurei-style      
                      tea ceremony demonstrations
Gessha has been featured in an issue of Susquehanna Style  Magazine
The Way Of Tea
NEW!! Soon you will be able to read about how Gessha Japanese Teahouse came
into being and get tips for building your own tea space at  
Camellia Teas of Ottawa
Some photos from our most recent demonstration at the National Clock Museum in Columbia, Penna:
NEW!!  In addition to our usual classes on Saturday, we are considering
new classes for those with physical difficulties who can't kneel on the floor.
 These will use a ryurei table and stool, allowing both host and guests to sit
upright in Western fashion. Contact
tea@gessha.com to take advantage of
this new opportunity!